Getting the most from today’s new distributed energy resources (DER) being deployed across the globe is not just about meeting new challenges linked to climate change, cyber risks and regulatory uncertainty, it’s about seizing opportunities today. For twenty five years, this philosophy has been behind Encorp and our affiliates continued technological advancements to provide reliable, affordable energy to more than 300 clients, large and small. When it comes to navigating the new energy landscape, the Encorp team has the solution you need to stay ahead of the game.

Our Solutions


Resiliency. Security. Cost Savings. Carbon Reductions. These are just a few reasons that microgrids – small self-sufficient islands of continuous and sustainable power supplies — are expanding in scope and scale. Across the globe, from Hawaii to Hyderabad, Encorp’s microgrid control technology is infusing distributed intelligence into the DER that serve as the foundation of microgrids that power businesses and communities forward.

Our Microgrid Solutions Now Control 240MW of Energy Worldwide

Demand Response

Demand response (DR) is the ability to Shift electricity usage during peak periods in response to time-based rates or other forms of financial incentives from grid operators. Enabling this electricity load management program is saving our customers millions of dollars every year. See what our advanced control solutions can do for you through the real-time manipulation of your demand for energy.

Mission Critical

One in 10 companies need continuous power 99.999 percent of the time. If a power failure at your facility would dramatically comprise the health and safety of your customers, or cost you hundreds of thousand or even a million dollars, learn how our monitoring and emergency power control solutions can boost your up-time without compromising other corporate goals.

Combined Heat and Power

The energy lost in wasted heat from power generation in the U.S. is greater than the total energy use of Japan. See how our customers are using combined heat and power (CHP) to capture waste heat and convert it into the energy needed to drive their businesses requiring both electricity and thermal energy forward.