Microgrid Design and Procurement Services

Increases in power outage frequency and duration has accelerated interest in microgrids, systems that can provide resiliency and more sustainable energy than traditional backup power solutions. These microgrids can incorporate both legacy and new conventional power generation equipment with renewable energy systems such as solar photovoltaics along with battery storage. These microgrids can also manage loads and target resiliency upgrades to the most critical loads at any customer site.

As the reliability of utility distribution networks continues to decline in response to extreme weather events, a growing number of diverse customers are seeking microgrid solutions. Many of these customers — including military bases, data centers, government critical facilities — cannot tolerate service interruptions for even short periods of time. As utility costs continue to go up, the costs of the distributed energy resources (DER) that can be bundled into a microgrid, continue to go down. This is good news for consumers.

Nevertheless, the key to making a microgrid work optimally requires working with a partner that has experience in designing and procuring the necessary equipment to create a state-of-the-art microgrid. Energy managers concerned about energy prices previously did not have the ability to manage these costs. Today, technological advances in digital power management tools give these consumers a multitude of opportunities to design and procure microgrids that can lower costs, increase resiliency and reduce emissions contributing to regional air quality degradation as well as global climate change. In short, a win-win-win.

The Encorp Difference

Encorp’s microgrid services can combine its engineering, monitoring and billing services to create viable and customized projects that can meet a myriad of customer needs. Are you a commercial or industrial customer that is lost substantial revenue due to wildfires, hurricanes or other extreme weather events? Or are you a utility whose distribution network needs reinforcements to better serve remote communities at the end of the week distribution feeder? Or are you a military or other government critical facility that needs to stay up and running during any kind of emergency?

In each of these cases, a microgrid can be creatively designed to meet your resiliency needs while also solving other energy infrastructure challenges. If the right market structures are in place, these microgrids can also morph into virtual power plants (VPPs) and deliver value upstream from the distribution system into wholesale markets.

While many companies can promise that they can deliver a cost-effective microgrid, few vendors have proven themselves over three decades. Encorp has evolved along with the market as microgrids shift to more renewable energy content and increasingly integrate energy storage devices. The key to making a microgrid work is a good design based on past experience while remaining cognizant of current technology and financing trends.

First Steps include an Economic Assessment

A professional energy assessment will analyze real-world economic data determine to what extent the microgrid can reduce your overall energy costs and guard against crippling power interruptions. Savvy facility owners know doing one’s homework can be the difference between the smooth performance of a microgrid versus unplanned and untimely outages resulting in costly downtime. With a track record that includes over 400 projects completed across the globe, Encorp is the expert committed to help protect your investment in on-site power solutions. Consider the following:

  • Encorp is one of the few remaining independent microgrid control companies that has weathered the storm of an ever-changing energy industry for three decades.
  • Encorp’s projects stretch across North America as well as Europe and Asia Pacific regions. The company has successfully navigated several different regulatory regimes and understands the common denominators for a successful on-site microgrid project.
  • The company performs a detailed assessment of any client’s current and future energy needs, which helps shape the design and procurement strategy.
  • The company also has access to strategic energy partners that can help develop competitive options whether one is developing a microgrid in a remote location in Alaska or a microgrid that intends to sell ancillary services in Texas.
  • Encorp’s Egility platform offers advanced algorithms that tap real-time data to continually improve system performance, leading to both short and long-term cost reductions.

Encorp’s Menu of Service Options

  • Complete turnkey microgrid solutions
  • Peak shaving, base loading or combined heat and power (CHP) installations rolled into microgrids to reduce electricity and operating costs while also capturing the full value of thermal energy
  • Enhanced on-site power reliability and resiliency
  • Electric utility tariff modeling and analysis, including interruptible/curtailment tariffs as well as indexed for fixed-price energy supply contracts
  • Affordable design and procurement processes that allow microgrids to be quickly designed, installed and then commissioned
  • Potential outsourcing of ongoing operation and maintenance
  • Procurement of necessary fuels for power generation equipment
  • DER aggregation and optimization of supply, loads and energy storage
  • Access to a network operations center
  • Remote monitoring and control

The Bottom Line

Encorp develops and markets hardware and software technology solutions that enable advanced microgrids to serve the precise needs of customers. The company combines a competitive energy purchasing strategy with sophisticated load management options. The Egility advanced microgrid controller can work seamlessly with other device control solutions to create a robust and sophisticated on-site energy system that meets the demands of today while anticipating the market trends of tomorrow. Encorp has installed pioneering reference projects that showcase the value microgrids can deliver to diverse customers seeking to combine cost savings, resiliency and sustainability into a single project.

Microgrid Solutions