Bahamas Power & Light (BP&L) Select Encorp Egility Control Platform

BP&L is transforming their system with an emphasis on sustainability and providing reliable energy to those communities most in need. To that end, the utility has chosen Encorp as the micogrid control system for the new planned microgrids and network operation centers.


E.ON Isle of Skye, Scotland Microgrid

After a two–year design and intense competitive review period, Encorp is thrilled its Egility Control Platform has been selected for another E.ON microgrid project. We are reunited with partners Loccioni and Ameresco UK to provide ancillary services on the Scottish island know for distilling Talisker and Drambuie


Encorp Implements Innovative New PG&E Pilot Program

A major California ag concern will exploit advanced capabilities of the Encorp Egility Control Platform so their new packaging facility may leverage PG&E’s Flexible Service Connection Pilot Program. This innovative arrangement allows PG&E to optimize energy delivery so that select users may achieve their sustainability and energy cost containment goals.


Encorp and Natron Energy Announce World’s First Hybridized Generator Solution

Encorp’s scalable Hybrid Power Platform uses Natron’s BluePack™ sodium-ion batteries to provide critical backup power in extreme environments and reduce fossil fuel consumption. This multi-megawatt (MW) class hybrid power platform is controlled by Encorp’s Egility and optimized for diesel and natural gas generators used in microgrids, process and factory automation, as well as in related industrial power applications, including oil and gas exploration, wastewater treatment and commercial seaport operations. Read the press release and learn how it’s an important step in decarbonizing industrial power applications.


Georgia Transmission Corporation’s Microgrid

Following the award of a contract to design a showcase microgrid to be used as a pilot program for its 38 stakeholder rural electricity cooperatives across the Southeast, the Georgia Transmission Corporation (GTC) is working with Encorp to bring that design to commercial reality. Leveraging Encorp’s Microgrid for the Masses program, the GTC cross-functional team selected Encorp to perform various tasks included in the aforementioned EPC business model to bring this cutting edge microgrid online by mid-2024.


Additions to Encorp’s Engineering Braintrust

A hallmark of Encorp has been the valued symbiotic relationship between team and technology, with many of Encorp’s key pioneers boasting a 25+ year tenure with the company. We continue to benefit from our internship program with Colorado’s leading educational institutions with our most recent Electrical Engineer hire from the Colorado School of Mines, John Buchholz.


European Strategic Expansion

Encorp has secured its second microgrid project with the large Essen, Germany-based multinational investor-owned utility E.On on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. The project benefits from a unique a Resiliency as a Service (RaaS) business model and use case. To pursue additional opportunities in the UK and beyond, Encorp has added Scotland-based Stewart Dunn to coordinate this effort and others. Encorp has also formed a strategic relationship with Sofia-based manufacturing entity Oskar-El to build the required hardware to pair with Encorp’s Egility software. New hire Lana Sipka will support long-time business advisor Angie Freeman’s related efforts in Europe as well as the US.


Encorp’s Dynamic Microgrid Dashboard Takes Real Time Data Visualization to New Level

Encorp differentiates its Egility microgrid controller platform not only by its state-of-the-art functionality, but also by the aesthetic of the product’s enclosure. This attractive packaging complements the controller’s capabilities and has now expanded to animated microgrid visualizations intended for the non-technical viewers; patent pending. The first demonstration is planned to be displayed on a 65-inch interactive touchscreen at a premier New York City auto dealership.


Encorp Expands Offering to Include Turnkey EPC Services

Building upon it success in 2020 of acquiescing to the request by the Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association to turnkey the construction of a microgrid for the remote mountain village of Red Feather Lakes, Colorado, Encorp has added industry leader Rob Rives to lend additional competency and credibility to this turnkey microgrid offering which reduces cost and development timeframes.  Several domestic projects are currently underway.


Encorp Chosen as Microgrid Subject Matter Expert for AI Effort

A major multinational – and one of the country’s largest electrical energy consumers – has selected Encorp to repurpose it’s artificial intelligence (Al) product offering for modeling, simulation and various forecasting capabilities to enhance microgrid use cases.


Central California’s Cobblestone Fruit Microgrid

Associated with Kings River Packaging, Cobblestone Fruit vetted multiple firms offering off balance sheet financing approaches to provide resilient power service for their new $100M+, 220,000 square foot packaging facility located on California’s Central Coast. They ultimately selected Encorp – leveraging its Microgrid for the Masses program. The collaboration is developing an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) approach that best suits this 4MW+ microgrid. Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) is considering this project as a potential template for their large agricultural constituency to manage ever-growing load requirements in this grid constrained region of California.


Encorp Launches “Microgrids For The Masses” Program

This unique multi-faceted program differentiates Encorp from its many multinational competitors. The campaign’s central theme is a curated customer experience, allowing each customer to select from a variety of products and services that meets each organization’s site specific needs.  Since inception of the Microgrids for the Masses program, Encorp  has netted three very diverse clients choosing support options totaling over $35M in contracts.  View the campaign landing page at


A 30 year, 400 project legacy comes with responsibility

Encorp secures service and advanced training arrangements with Atrium Health in NC, Washington Gas in Wash, D.C., Frontier Data Center in Indiana, Santa Rita Jail in Northern California, and City of Vallejo, California.


Environmentally responsible onshore drilling

Encorp engages in new product development effort with a leading drilling industry participant to create a battery augmented drilling rig to address the environmental concerns of onshore drilling applications.


Our promise to those serving our country: Protecting your grid while you protect our freedom

Encorp to upgrade the secure triple-redundant HMI and SCADA systems on one of its many military installations, the Bangor Naval facility north of Seattle, Washington.


The future: EV charging station microgrids for automotive dealerships

Encorp will work with its partners to enable the first-of-its-kind grid connected solar/battery/generator microgrid at Vail Buick GMC in Westchester County, NY.


Showcase microgrid for Georgia Transmission Corporation

Encorp secures a design contract for GTC’s Macon, Georgia warehouse microgrid, to serve as a showcase and laboratory for advanced renewable energy resources and its 38 stakeholder membership.


Sales Force Expansion

Encorp expands sales coverage with personnel in Atlanta, Denver and Scottsdale, AZ. These three (3) team leaders will be exploring relationships with independent manufacturers’ representatives to support various domestic microgrid end-user segments.


Encorp ensures critical power never fails at our nations prisons

For the last two decades Encorp installed and has maintained critical back up power supplies at the super maximum-security facility in Colorado Springs Colorado – commonly known as Florence. We have performed similar maintenance on the Encorp legacy system at the Delta Correctional Center he located several hundred miles away and Grand Junction Colorado. Notably one of the first Michael Gratz put in place in this country was at Alameda county is Santa Rita Jail located just 40 minutes outside of San Francisco. This micro grid serves the 1 million square-foot facility by connecting solar, reciprocating GEN sets, a fuel cell, multiple solar installations, and a small wind component with a 4 MWh battery energy storage system. Encorp uses its vast experience in the data center, military and healthcare sectors to ensure that critical power never fails at our nations most secure penal facilities.


Encorp Critical back up power for three secure military installations

Encorp designed and put in place extremely redundant back up power systems for three secure military installations in the north west. The combined value of these systems were in excess of $10 million and took over three years to complete. As would be expected, each of these systems is extremely robust with multiple backup communication and skater networks. Each in its own way highlighted encorp‘s depth of knowledge in dealing with complex reeling schemes and medium and low voltage switchgear assemblies. These three projects when combined with the previous six projects completed over the last 15 years cements Encorp as a prime vendor for NAVFAC Northwest.


Red Feather Lakes microgrid groundbreaking

Encorp was pleased to act as the prime contractor for the first time working with client Poudre valley rural electric authority. This microgrid, which included a propane fueled generator, a battery energy storage system (BESS) and a small PV system, Serves to provide much-needed energy to a community center during times when this beautiful village nestled 8000 feet in the Rocky Mountains loses power from the utility due to fire or heavy snowfall. This effort was supported by two national labs the U.S. Department of Energy and local constituencies.


Encorp continues its work in the healthcare sector

Encorp just completed two projects for complex backup systems for the atrium Health care campus in Pineville North Carolina. This very involved back up emergency supply system provides critical back up power in an area the country which faces such utility losses has caused by storms coming in off the Atlantic. The system serves multiple medical office and staff facility buildings in a large campus environment. It is an expansion to the system encorp put in place over 15 years ago at the same site located half an hour outside of Charlotte North Carolina. The system serves multiple medical office and staff facility buildings in a large campus environment. It is an expansion to the system encorp put in place over 15 years ago at the same site located half an hour outside of Charlotte North Carolina.


An exuberant congratulations to Encorp’s advisory board member Nelda J. Connors for being inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame! Ms. Connors, CEO and Strategic Partner, at Pine Grove Holdings, LLC, is one of eight 2021 awardees thanks to her success as a strategic partner providing outstanding financial, technical, and operating expertise to diversified industrials, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), suppliers and distributors.


Encorp is honored to be a small part of this seminal E.ON microgrid in Simris, Sweden, by providing our Egility control platform. This project has spawned many other successful pan-European renewable energy projects. See the E.On Change Makers video.



The idyllic Colorado Rocky Mountain community of Red Feather Lakes will soon be the home of an advanced microgrid to guaranty power during the daunting winters at 8,342 feet elevation. Poudre Valley REA and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association selected Encorp’s Egility to control and optimize all renewable generation and storage. See NRECA press release.



Encorp has expanded its capabilities to provide complete design and microgrid construction for the northern Colorado mountain community of Red Feather Lakes. The company was originally retained to provide its new Egility Control Platform to integrate and grid-connect multiple generation and storage assets to provide the townspeople with power during lines-down scenarios resulting from heavy snowfall. Encorp will be formally introducing its Microgrid Advisory services to the broader domestic market during the fourth quarter 2020.


Encorp is pleased to welcome Shaun Fuller as its new CFO. Mr. Fuller brings a wealth of experience as a strategic business executive with a strong financial background and proven track record of leading a U.S. military supplier and global manufacturer. Read his bio here.


Atrium Health’s expansion of its emergency power supply system to support new bed tower construction at its prestigious Pineville, NC healthcare campus has provided Encorp the opportunity to incorporate the features of its new Egility Control Platform. For the last 13 years Encorp’s control system has operated flawlessly for Atrium Health, and now the Egility will ensure their energy needs are supported for many more years to come.


Encorp announces the addition of a Senior Application Engineer, in Chennai, India to support the southeast Asian market including Australia. This individual will provide technical expertise to bolster completed microgrid projects and expansion plans in the region.


Encorp has been retained by a California county authority to upgrade the microgrid controls of a 6MW PG&E-connected microgrid to the Encorp Egility Control Platform. The microgrid assets for this 1 million square foot complex include a 1+ MW fuel cell, repurposed diesel generator sets, a 4MWh energy storage, 3MW of solar and assorted wind generation assets. Completion is anticipated in early 2021.


Encorp has completed the comprehensive controls system retrofit for International Plaza, a former JPMorgan Chase Data Center in an exclusive Dallas suburb. All five generator control systems were upgraded to Encorp’s globally-recognized Egility Control Platform.


Working with Watts Constructors, Encorp’s three-year Substation 2 upgrade project for NAVFAC NW has been successfully completed. This substation, located on Naval Base Kitsap north of Seattle, serves one of our nation’s most secure military installations.


Over the last 25 years, Encorp has completed more than 400 domestic projects. To further our commitment to this user base, the company has appointed Doug Birlingmair, PE, to lead the effort to expand onsite and remote service support for our valued and loyal constituency. Under his leadership the team has already successfully established relationships and earned service contracts from several past customers, including City of Atlanta 911 Call Center, Florence Prison (3 projects), Delta Correctional (2 projects), Microsoft and Frontier Data Centers, and the Architect of the Capital Data Center & Washington Gas; both located in Washington, DC.


Encorp has successfully finished a complete $1M upgrade at a former JPMorgan Chase data center. All controls and communications interfaces were updated, an upgrade that will greatly improve system resiliency and ease of maintenance for its anticipated 20-year lifespan.


Chambers Cogeneration in New Jersey has retained Encorp to upgrade a portion of its 261-MW system during its annual shutdown.


Encorp recently formed a partnership with a multinational office provider. These new satellite offices allow Encorp to serve target markets in CA, NYC, HI and western Europe.


Encorp has formed an advisory board to advance its prominence in the microgrid industry. We are pleased to announce Nelda Connors (Founder/CEO of Pine Grove Holdings) and Bob Dixon (former exec. leader at Siemens) as the 2 founding members.


Encorp seeking senior-level business development executive.


Big thank you to @FBInsightPvtLtd for identifying Encorp as one of the top companies in the growing microgrid market in their upcoming industry report.


Encorp received an add-on order for continued work on the ongoing efforts to support the US Navy at the Bangor nuclear submarine base; insuring critical power always available for the base – even in the event of a grid failure.


Energy Services Group retained Encorp to review the onsite 4MW prime power generation system for a VA Hospital in Mountain Home, TN.


Encorp to acquire the assets of Rocket Science Technologies – combined heat and power (CHP) optimization software: Encorp continues to expand its reach into other value chain components by acquiring the CHP runtime optimization software to add to its portfolio of hardware products; and for further development and commercialization.


JPMorgan Chase l Prism Electric l Cushman Wakefield in Dallas: Encorp completed this high-profile project over 20-years ago. The complex 8 MW grid-paralleled distributed generation system will be completely upgraded with a new generation of controls for a new owner and renovated building.


Encorp presented at NYSERDA in NYC: Encorp was one of six (6) microgrid controller providers selected nationally to present their solution at NYSERDA’s Brooklyn Conference on July 16th, 2019.


Encorp received an order with Architect of the Capital (one of 4 US Congress data centers): Encorp service engineers made multiple trips to this high-profile critical power backup system.


Order Siemens in Alexandria Egypt: Encorp tapped to replace the Gold Box controllers in a packaged prime power generation unit for their 15-year-old sub 1MW unit in Alexandria.


Encorp one of six speakers invited to the New York State Energy Research Development Authority; June 2019 symposium in Brooklyn.


Encorp honored as one of five companies selected to attend and present at the E.ON Supplier Innovation Day at their headquarters in Essen, Germany.


Architect of the Capital – one of the data centers serving the US Capital Building – selects Encorp to upgrade its existing mission critical backup power system.


Additional orders received for critical backup system for a Navy nuclear submarine base.


Humboldt County, CA-based Humboldt Creamery – a premier boutique frozen foods provider – selects Encorp to upgrade its existing critical backup power system for their process manufacturing facility.


E.ON engineers from Europe came to Encorp headquarters to be trained to use the Egility Control Platform for their western Europe microgrid.


New Encorp Egility control platform formally introduced to the market.


Encorp ranked as one of the top 3 microgrid control vendors globally by Navigant Consulting.


Fairbanks Morse Engines orders new Encorp Egility platform for a pharmaceutical process manufacturer in Puerto Rico.


Siemens Technologies SAE awards Encorp contract to upgrade existing Company technology at a prime power facility in new Cairo, Egypt.


Encorp secures non-exclusive rights to the patented Secure Microgrid®, a process for developing and designing a microgrid from inception through commissioning.


Encorps leaps forward over the competition by shipping the newly-developed Encorp Egility control system for 1st phase of the Maui Brewing Company microgrid. Tight project-driven deadlines required this first product to be flown directly from Encorp’s headquarters and test facility to Hawaii.


Encorp affiliate co-founder and distributed energy technology pioneer Larry Adams returns to Encorp. Focused on driving microgrid optimization software to the next level.


Encorp supports the University of Denver’s microgrid research effort with the award of a National Science Foundation grant in conjunction with NREL.


E.ON hosts dignitary-rich formal event in the Swedish resort town of Simris to celebrate the first Local Energy System in the country; Encorp affiliate provided the heart of the control system.


Encorp affiliate designs, implements and demonstrates advanced medium voltage breaker remote racking device for an ulta-secure military installation in the Northwest. This effort undertaken after several firms refused to undertake this challenging custom-engineered solution.


Encorp returns to Hawaii. Almost 20-years after installing a prime power control system for then Maui Pineapple, now receives an order for a two-generator, two MW solar, two battery system at Maui Brewing Company, Hawaii’s largest craft brewer.


Encorp develops next-generation of its Encorp Secure remote diagnostic, monitoring and reporting offering. Commercially deployed with a microgrid with E.ON in northern Europe.


Encorp receives contract for the control system for the Gibson Farms microgrid in Montevideo, MN, to be put into operation late in 2017.


Fremont, CA-based ZeroBase Energy awards Encorp the microgrid control system to replace and upgrade and existing remote microgrid in Haiti severely damaged by Hurricane Matthew in 2007.


Third time’s a charm. Encorp called upon yet again to upgrade Washington Natural Gas onsite power system with its new control system and redesigned control interfaces.


Microgrid O&M becomes a reality. Encorp affiliate awarded 1/3+ million dollar contract to upgrade control and economic optimization software for Alameda County’s Santa Rita Jail, located in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Encorp affiliate ships a complex microgrid controller to Ancona, Italy for comprehensive testing with the advanced energy storage system before being transported to the microgrid site in Simris, Sweden; the microgrid to be integrated with the resort town’s grid.


Encorp affiliate receives orders for two microgrids in south Africa with Tesla. These village microgrids will provide critical power to remote private reserves on the Continent.