Microgrids For The Masses

Advancing the Cause for Independent Microgrid Developers

The time is now for the tyranny of the multi-nationals depriving the world of cost effective, customized microgrids to end. Encorp is a US-based, privately held energy tech company with 30 years of experience empowering over 300 clients to win energy independence on their terms.

Your distinct advantage to partner with Encorp is threefold:

1. It Is About You and Your Client

Encorp’s Curated Approach in designing and procuring the necessary equipment and technology to develop highly tailored state-of-the-art microgrids for your clients. We respect your confidential relationship with your clients.

2. We Bring the Technology

Encorp’s Egility, a truly modular and configurable microgrid control platform featuring advanced control, monitoring, reporting and diagnostics. Genesis of such is a $65M capital investment, honed by decades of real world (and around the world) applications.

3. A 400-Project Resume At Your Disposal

Enhance your firm’s project resume by leveraging Encorp’s. After all, we are working together as a team.

“It was unbelievable the scope of work Encorp completed without our power plant shutting down. And the Encorp hardware has paid for itself, making the system much more efficient” – Maui Brewery Power Plant
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Enroll In Our Program and Benefit From Decades of Know-How

Encorp will support and train your team to maintain the Encorp Egility technology and provide an operations center in your facility to monitor, control and showcase the fleet your firms have put in place.

Get a No-Obligation Project Feasibility Assessement For Your Client

Encorp will will analyze real-world economic data and determine to what extent a microgrid can reduce your client’s overall energy costs and guard against crippling power interruptions.