30 Years of Microgrid Innovation

The world of microgrids may be a hot topic today, but 30 years ago, the number of vendors innovating with new technologies to control, aggregate and optimize distributed energy resources was small. Many of the larger global technology players tried to repurpose existing technologies deployed at the transmission level of power service down to the distribution level. In many cases, these efforts failed.

On the other end of the spectrum several start-ups tried to tackle these issues with fresh perspectives. Many of these companies ultimately failed or, if successful, were acquired by larger technology companies.

One of the few independent U.S. pioneers to survive is Encorp. The company successfully navigated the transition to cleaner more sustainable energy microgrids while also still optimizing the existing large fleets of diesel and natural gas fired generators offered by multiple leading brands. While initially making major inroads with critical facilities such as military bases, data centers and other commercial and industrial facilities in the U.S., Encorp has expanded geographically and horizontally by working with clients ranging from large utilities in Europe (E.ON) to small rural cooperatives in Colorado (Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association). From award-winning microbreweries (Maui Brewing Company) to the headquarters of large and sophisticated engineering firms in India (Larson & Toubro).

The Egility controls platform offered by Encorp represents 30 years of incremental innovation in the DER controls space. Unlike a plethora of new start-ups promising the world with artificial intelligence and software wizardy, Encorp still believes hardware matters. Engineering principles still govern the management of electricity and thermal energy. Having survived the ups and downs of a volatile and ever-evolving power industry, Encorp is a survivor and is set to thrive in the emerging market for more sustainable and resilient power supplies.


Encorp is founded by Colorado State University grad to develop technologically advanced communication, control, and grid interconnection products for the then nascent distributed generation market.


The Gold Box is introduced as one of the first distributed intelligence control devices commercialized for on-site power supply optimization.

Inventor Larry Adams photographed in 2022


The Company installed its first commercial system system, and over the next three years, Encorp continued to develop and deploy its power control products.


Encorp breaks ground on an 85,000 square foot headquarters, which includes a manufacturing facility for its product lines, and employs close to 200 people. The year also includes a $40M Series C investment to expand market presence and technology advancement.


Encorp appears in Businessweek article “Reinventing The Power Grid” as a key player in Distributed Power.


Introduction of the second generation Gold Box, funded in part by a DOE grant as administered through NREL


Encorp shifts its strategic priority to focus on targeting its products and services to microgrid and mission critical power supply projects.


Stewart Air National Guard microgrid completed to explore means extend critical power supply to a military facility in the event of a long-term grid outage.  This facility located just outside of New York City.


Navigant Consulting (now Guidepost) ranks Encorp as one of the top three microgrid control platforms globally, and Greentech Media ranks Encorp as one of the top three established microgrid control companies.


Maui Brewing Company Microgrid
A second entity – Microgrid Encorp LLC – is formed to focus entirely on microgrids, expanding upon Encorp’s traditional application mix of general distributed energy projects, combined heat and power and demand response.


The Egility Microgrid control platform is unveiled, bringing a new standard of form and superior functionality to the industry.


Encorp is honored to be part of the seminal E.ON microgrid in Simris, Sweden, by providing its Egility control platform. Encorp is also involved in two completed microgrids for Larson & Toubro (L&T) in Chennai and Hyderabad and for customer Tesla and South Africa’s Kruger National Park Lodges Singita and Xarrana.



Encorp opens offices in NYC, the SF Bay Area, Hawaii and Dusseldorf, Germany to support attractive and active markets of key customers.


Encorp acts as the prime contractor (for the first time) for a DOE & NREL-funded microgrid in a remote mountain town which is prone to extended power outages during snow events.  The microgrid to support Red Feather Lakes microgrid – the construction of which was challenged by dramatic forest fires at the towns edge during a global pandemic.