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Encorp advances 1893 power plant into 21th century

FORT COLLINS, COLO. - April 23, 2012 - Encorp LLC recently completed a 500-kilowatt microgrid project at the century-old hydroelectric power plant in Marshall, Mich., that will allow the plant to continue supplying residents with sufficient, reliable energy.

The $300,000 Marshall hydroelectric power plant project is Encorp's fourth microgrid installation in the last year.

Encorp, a distributed energy control company headquartered in Fort Collins, Colo., restored the historic power plant's energy protection and control equipment so it continues functioning as originally designed more than a century ago. Encorp supplied grid interconnection and automated control equipment for the power plant's 1920-vintage hydroelectric generators. The power plant is located on the Kalamazoo River in southern Michigan.

In addition to connecting the plant's local generation units, Encorp's control equipment will monitor the river's water pressure and automatically adjust hydroelectric power output to achieve maximum benefit.

The microgrid project will help the power plant reduce maintenance and operation costs, and continue providing reliable, around-the-clock power to Marshall's 4,500 residential and 662 light industrial and commercial customers.

Encorp capitalizes on opportunities to provide integrated systems involving non-traditional forms of power generation coupled with automated controls and SCADA monitoring.

"With the Marshall project, we performed a complicated retrofit on vintage hydroelectric units and modernized the hydros' control system with run-the-river controls and a new Web-enabled SCADA monitoring package," said Michael Clark, Encorp's president. "Their new Encorp protection and control system will be easier to operate, help reduce costs, extend the life of their power generation units and allow them to operate at maximum efficiency. This microgrid project affirms our ongoing success integrating non-traditional forms of local generation to improve efficiency and reduce costs."

About Encorp, LLC
Encorp, a Primary Integration company located in Fort Collins, Colo., develops and markets software and hardware technology solutions for the communication, control and networking of distributed energy.

Encorp hardware and software products enable hospitals, manufacturers, office buildings, schools and other sites to reduce energy costs by generating their own electrical power using various fuel sources, including renewables.

Encorp's energy-tech offerings and grid interconnection expertise advance energy savings, security and efficiency for microgrid, CHP and demand response installations. For more information, call Encorp at 888-295-4141 or visit

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