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FORT COLLINS, COLO. - July 22, 2010 -- Encorp LLC today named Scott Kolek of Chicago the company's commercial operations director.

Kolek brings more than 20 years of energy-industry experience to Encorp and will be responsible for driving new business opportunities and growth from the company's headquarters in Fort Collins, Colo.

Encorp hardware and software products enable hospitals, manufacturers, office buildings, schools and other sites to reduce energy costs by generating their own electrical power using various fuel sources, including renewables. Microgrid Secure™ is connected to the utility grid. Kolek said America's energy landscape will undergo significant transformation over the next 10 years from the traditional model of large centralized power plants and energy monopolies to the "new energy" model of a decentralized Smart Grid.

"The use of intelligent distributed generation, micro grids, and renewable energy sources will increase as we move toward a smarter, more reliable and cleaner power grid," Kolek said. "Companies like Encorp, with its vision, great technology and intellectual capital are perfectly positioned to grow during these transitional times. I'm thrilled to be part of the team."

Kolek holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Minnesota. He has 20 years of technical and business experience directly related to Encorp's business activities.

For the past eight years, he held various technical, product management and operations positions for General Electric (GE) in Chicago. Most recently, he served as the global product manager for GE Zenith Controls. Prior to this, Kolek worked with Cummins Power Generation for 10 years in various design and engineering management roles around the world.

In his new role, Kolek will work to develop new business opportunities that leverage Encorp's Generator Power Control - or "Gold Box™" technology - the world's first truly integrated generator controller and the heart of many on-site power systems. It allows operators to remotely control and communicate with various engines, generators and the local utility.

Encorp digital-paralleling switchgear and Microgrid Secure™ software also are key components of on-site power systems. They allow operators to remotely dispatch, aggregate and control power generators and to interconnect on-site power plants with the utility or operate it solely as back-up power. For more information, call Encorp at 888-295-4141.

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Carol Sponseller, Encorp

Laura Dowling, Dowling PR