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Demand Response System Controller order already secured

FORT COLLINS, COLO. - Jan. 26, 2012 - Encorp LLC today announced the launch of its Demand Response System Controller (DR System Controller), the industry's first system controller that features both supply- and demand-side capabilities to achieve absolute compliance with demand-response programs and maximize utility paybacks.

An order for a DR System Controller already has been placed for Class A office buildings on Madison Avenue in New York City and will be installed this month. Encorp's product will help ensure the customer meets demand-response requirements of the local utility Con Edison. The system-level controller will aggregate two large power loads at the office building, controlling 1.5 megawatts.

"Too often businesses enter DR programs and don't get the financial payback they expect because their system fails to generate or reduce enough power," said Michael Clark, Encorp's president. "Encorp's DR offering helps mitigate DR program discrepancies with the utility so the customer gets the financial payback they expect and the utility is relieved of strain on the grid."

Encorp's system-level controller maximizes utility DR program benefits and helps ensure measurements at the installation site are the same as utility-measured performance. Additionally, the assembly reduces facility costs and simplifies operation and reporting. Compliance is achieved when the system starts generators and sheds non-critical loads if needed.

With custom engineering and design, Encorp's DR System Controller can accommodate a variety of generator manufacturers, fuel types, alternative-energy sources, load levels, number of loads and utility program rules. The product is ideal for large commercial offices, hospitals and industrial buildings that have sizeable loads and use generators for backup power.

The company's versatile assembly also is compatible with new or existing transfer switches, circuit breakers and motor starters, and can aggregate and control up to six generators and 24 loads from a single control panel. The DR System Controller can lower installation costs by using a building's existing ethernet wiring infrastructure without the need for dedicated control wiring. Typical payback for the controller is less than 12 months. Grants are available to defer equipment and installation costs. "Encorp has been engaged in demand response-related activities nationwide," Clark said. "Today, there's a level of complexity with DR rules and regulations that wasn't required before and Encorp has re-established itself to help companies meet today's evolving DR needs."

About Encorp, LLC

As the vanguard of distributed energy control, Encorp, the Primary Integration company headquartered in Fort Collins, Colo., develops and markets software and hardware technology solutions for the communication, control and networking of distributed energy, including microgrids. Encorp has been microgridding™ for decades and continues to leverage the power of its advanced Gold Box™ to harness diverse forms of generation that embody the New Energy Economy.

Encorp hardware and integrated software products allow hospitals, manufacturers, office buildings, schools and other sites to leverage energy savings and surety by generating their own electrical power from various fuel sources - whether the fuel is traditional diesel or such renewables as photovoltaics, fuel cells, wind and micro turbines.

Encorp's energy-tech offerings and grid interconnection expertise advance energy savings, security and efficiency for microgrid, CHP and demand response installations. For more information, call Encorp at 888-295-4141 or visit

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