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New System Ensures Simple Joint Commission Compliance Reporting

Fort Collins, CO - July 10, 2007 - Encorp LLC, one of the world's leading providers of distributed generation control systems, announced today the launch of its new EPSS testing and reporting system, Encorp Secure™.

The new system is designed to ease the pain of the Joint Commission Emergency Power System Supply (EPSS) compliance requirements by providing reliable, completely secure, certified record of all Emergency Power System Supply (EPSS) activities through a single web-based application.

Encorp Secure™ is a comprehensive EPSS testing and reporting system that is compatible with all other manufacturers' equipment regardless of age or make.

"The testing and reporting features of Encorp Secure™ deliver the exact data necessary to fulfill the Joint Commission compliance requirements," said Michael Clark, senior vice president of Encorp. "This potentially reduces legal action from Sentinel events, produces clear documentation in the event of a utility outage, and helps to ensure patient and staff safety. And, it is very intuitive for the hospital's current maintenance staff to use."

Encorp Secure's™ next generation EPSS Testing and Reporting System for healthcare facilities is a single, web-based tool that provides facilities managers the power to remotely test and generate reports for generators and automatic transfer switches for single or multiple sites. With a click of a mouse, facilities managers can:

  • Real-time engine generator and ATS monitoring during test
  • Web cam with audio remote real-time generator monitoring
  • Remote initiation of Joint Commission-required load and no-load EPSS tests
  • Pre-test checklist
  • Automatic generation of Joint Commission reports
  • Trend chart capability
  • Searchable archive
  • Ad hoc customizable reporting
  • Alarm notification via the web, email and/or pager
  • Manage alarms by severity, time of occurrence and device
  • View and sort alarm history
Encorp Secure™ can also integrate with legacy automatic transfer switches and generators, as well as existing IT infrastructure currently resident in a facility. This unique capability stems from Encorp's experience in putting-in-place over 900 megawatts of control systems during its 15 years of distributed generation expertise. Many of these systems currently serve healthcare facilities throughout the United States.

"If you could be empirically assured that your generators had met regulatory standards, mandated records were at your fingertips, and all possible steps had been taken to fulfill life safety and the fiduciary responsibilities to your facility, employees and patients, wouldn't you do it," continued Clark. "That's Encorp Secure™."

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