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With vast microgrid expertise, Encorp a player in reforming world's energy infrastructure

FORT COLLINS, COLO. - Sept. 25, 2012 - On the heels of Encorp LLC microgrid presentations at national energy conferences this year, one of the top international microgrid experts described the company as the market leader with an impressive portfolio of microgrids up and running.

Encorp, a distributed energy control company headquartered in Fort Collins, Colo., has shaped and expanded the nation's growing microgrid market with an estimated 400 installations and high-level presentations at key industry conferences.

Following an Encorp presentation to Department of Defense, Department of Energy, U.S. Navy and Army representatives at a military microgrid summit in Arlington, Va., the world-leading microgrid expert and research analyst noted, "The number of companies seeking work in the military microgrid market keeps growing."

He continued by stating that Encorp appears to be the market leader, with an impressive portfolio of microgrids up and running.

The microgrid expert added that the company is now diversifying its portfolio with projects that focus on renewables integration and demand response which, he said, are key market needs right now.

At the conference, titled 'Defense Renewable Energy and Military Microgrids Summit,' Encorp used examples from the company's extensive microgrid projects to analyze the pitfalls and challenges of microgrid designs. Encorp introduced data military engineers can use to optimize microgrid energy savings, security and efficiency.

These include:
  • examining how microgrids impact effective use of existing electrical distribution infrastructure;
  • incorporating load shed/add control across campus environments;
  • determining technology choices for a microgrid's Point of Common Coupling (PCC);
  • using existing standby diesel generators in microgrids; and,
  • examining the functionality, benefits and challenges of microgrid enterprise-level controls.

In July, Encorp participated in the U.S. Department of Energy Microgrid Workshop in Chicago. Encorp joined the Department's Top 50 most influential companies in the microgrid market to share lessons learned on system integrations and determine system integration gaps and functional requirements.

This December, Encorp will chair a microgrid-focused panel at POWER-GEN International in Florida, the world's largest power generation show, titled 'Doomsday Power - Tapping On-site Power for Facility-wide Energy Surety'. The trade show is expected to attract over 20,000 attendees from 92 countries. This is the eighth year that an Encorp executive has served on the POWER-GEN planning committee and played a crucial role in determining conference topics.

"With over 20 years of microgriddingTM experience and 400-plus projects in our portfolio, we continue to advance our position as the leader in the nation's New Energy Economy," said Michael Clark, Encorp president. "Our goal is to deploy the microgrid platform as the cost-effective means to increase power reliability for campus-like environments - federal, institutional and commercial - that want to obtain net-zero energy status. We are honored to be featured speakers alongside other stakeholders and leaders in the microgrid and distributed energy space, and to continue shaping the direction of the world's energy infrastructure."

About Encorp, Inc.

Encorp, a Primary Integration company located in Fort Collins, Colo., develops and markets software and hardware technology solutions for the communication, control and networking of distributed energy. For more information, call 1-888-295-4141 or visit

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