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Encorp Also Installs Switchgear and Microgrid Secure™ Software

CHICAGO - Two new $21.1 million police stations in Chicago are the first of 12 environmentally friendly police stations the city is building that will feature on-site microturbine power plants that include controls, switchgear and Microgrid Secure™ software from Encorp.

Encorp's Generator Power Control - or "Gold Box™" -- is the heart of power systems at the new 9th District and 7th District police stations. The Gold Box™ allows operators to remotely control and communicate with each building's low-emission, 100-kilowatt Calnetix microturbine, 350-kilowatt diesel generator and the utility.

The microturbine and generator supplement power the local utility - Commonwealth Edison - provides each day to the two-story, 44,000-square-foot LEED-certified Platinum facility.

Encorp digital-paralleling switchgear and Microgrid Secure™ software also are key components of the Encorp distributed-generation package that allows operators to remotely dispatch, aggregate and control the microturbine and generator, and to interconnect the power plant with the utility or operate it solely as back-up power.

In addition to providing electricity to the building, the power plant also serves as a combined-heat-and-power (CHP) application in which waste heat energy from the microturbine is captured and used to help heat the building, thus greatly improving the power system's overall efficiency. Chicago is the first city in the country to incorporate microturbine-based CHP as a template design in municipal offices.

"These are state-of-the-art facilities with an environmentally friendly on-site energy system," said Michael Clark, Encorp's senior vice president. "Mayor Daley's Energy Plan 2001 specified that distributed energy will provide 1.3 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity to the grid by 2010, which is roughly the amount of energy used by 25,000 homes in a year. Encorp products are critical to meeting that goal."

Encorp's Gold Box™ is the world's first truly integrated generator controller. The Gold Box™ integrates the functionality of several discrete electrical components into a single solid-state assembly.

Chicago-based Preon Power, a leading energy integrator, commissioned the power systems at the 7th and 9th District Police Stations. Preon specializes in providing reliable and environmentally friendly power packages to mission-critical organizations, such as emergency-response agencies, data centers and municipalities, and to energy-service industries.

"The City will use energy-systems designed by Primera Engineers that include Encorp controls and equipment - and that Preon maintains and integrates -- as the basis for all future police stations," said Tim Tawoda, Preon Power president and CEO.

The American Recovery Act specifically includes stimulus-fund incentives for 'smart grids' and microturbine-based CHP. About 30 percent of project costs for the two police stations are eligible for federal stimulus-package funding, according to Tawoda. In April, the City of Chicago announced it received a total of $340 million in federal economic stimulus aid to fund a variety of city projects in the areas of infrastructure, job creation and training, housing, energy efficiency and public safety.

The City of Chicago maintains a very progressive stance on "smart" controls and microturbine-based CHP, which serves as a model for other regions of the United States. Earlier this year, leading Chicago-area architects and engineers attended a meeting with members of the U.S. Green Building Council, which develops LEED standards and criteria.

These aren't the first installations of Encorp equipment in Chicago police stations, and Encorp's Clark expects it won't be the last. In 2001, Encorp installed its Gold Box™, Utility Power Control and Communications Processing Module in emergency power systems in four Chicago police stations.

In addition to the two completed police stations, Clark and Tawoda expect Encorp products will be included in energy systems in 10 new or renovated Chicago police stations scheduled to be built in coming years. In addition to the environmentally friendly energy system, the 7th and 9th District police stations feature green roofs; reflective surfaces to reduce the urban heat-island effect; such recycled content in building materials as ceiling tiles and flooring; and stormwater management plans.

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