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HERNDON, VIRG.-Primary Integration, a Northern Virginia global technology,
engineering and energy services company, has purchased Encorp’s
distributed-energy business through an asset acquisition.

The acquisition includes Encorp’s well-regarded digital power technology for
distributed and standby power-generation systems.

Encorp’s products can help reduce the overall cost of energy through
demand-response applications and also improve power reliability.

Encorp’s sales, marketing and product-development staff will move to a new
facility in Fort Collins, Colo., in mid-April. Michael Clark, Encorp senior
vice president and manager, will head the company’s operations.

During his 20-year power industry career, Clark has served as business unit
director and marketing director for various programs within Thomas & Betts
Corp., a $2.5 billion multinational electrical manufacturer. He also served
as a corporate officer for Industrial Electric Manufacturing during IEM’s
successful financial turnaround and subsequent growth phase.

“Our immediate focus is to mirror Primary Integration’s customer-centric and
rapid-response approach,” Clark said. “We have products ready to ship and a
seasoned team of industry-leading engineers and product-development staff
nationwide available to support our clients’ specific needs.”

Clark added, “Our long-term goal is to continually develop innovative
power-technology products and services, and expand our presence in domestic
and international markets.”

Encorp service and commissioning staff will be located across the country in
California, Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, North
Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Primary Integration has strong expertise in mission-critical applications
that require reliable power with multiple levels of redundancy. Clients
include hospitals, data centers, military installations, manufacturing
plants, telecommunications centers, universities and power plants.

Encorp equipment, which includes products that control and monitor on-site
distributed energy systems, create dependable and efficient energy sources
for clients. Platts Research and Consulting, a McGraw-Hill company and
leading provider of energy information and services for nearly a century,
said, "Encorp provides the broadest spectrum of hardware and software
controls specifically designed to support distributed generation operations.”

In 2002, Encorp received the “Project of the Year” Award from Power
Engineering Magazine for its digital power-control technology used with a
California independent power producer.

About Encorp
Encorp addresses the digital economy’s principal power-related issues:
energy savings and power reliability. Encorp designs and develops
communication and digital-control products and services for the global
distributed-energy markets. Encorp products allow premium-power devices such
as engine generators, microturbines, fuel cells and advanced energy-storage
devices to be remotely monitored, controlled and aggregated. The company’s
new address is 2573 Midpoint Dr., Ft. Collins, Colo., 80525. For more
information about Encorp, visit or call 888.ENCORP1

About Primary Integration
Primary Integration is a global technology, engineering and energy services
company with a portfolio of five distinct operating businesses in the United
States and overseas. To learn more about Primary Integration, visit or call 703.459.2200.

Michael Clark, Encorp, LLC

Laura Sandell
Dowling Public Relations, Inc.