Mission Critical

Solutions That Enable Safety and Security

The U.S. endures more blackouts than any other developed nation. Over the past decade, the number of power outages lasting more than an hour has been steadily increasing. With increased power outages, come increased costs for an economy so dependent on reliable electricity supplies. In fact, according to the 2016 Cost of Data Center Outages report presented by Ponemon Institute and Emerson Network Power, the average cost of an unplanned data center outage equaled a whopping $8,851 per minute. Each major power outage for a data center can reach over $750,000 in unexpected expenses.

In addition to rising costs, both businesses and individual citizens face increased security risks as organizations tasked with ensuring the safety of our nation rely on an aging power grid taxed by a growing demand, increased variable renewable generation and extreme weather events. As a result, today’s top financial institutions, healthcare providers and international defense contractors are implementing mission critical power solutions to ensure 24/7 power 365 days a year.




Mission Critical Benefits

Time and Money Savings:
Operate your on-site power networks seamlessly and dependably to yield maximum revenue results while also maintaining mission critical functions.

Increased Reliability and Safety:
Safeguard your operations with uninterrupted power despite grid outages linked to cyber and physical attacks or extreme weather events, wild fires or earthquakes.

Improved Customer Service:
Deliver your customers with the service you’ve promised and they’ve come to expect by running your operations efficiently around the clock under even the most challenging of circumstances.

Encorp’s Legacy

Encorp Egility in conjunction with its in-depth Mission Critical experience can help you avoid costly power failures while reducing your liability linked to grid outages. Our Egiilty plaform allows you to control and aggregate multiple energy systems – remotely. Like a simple network of personal computers, Encorp technology reliably dispatches standby and emergency backup generators at hospitals, universities, manufacturers, office towers and other facilities. This allows premium power users to maintain their operations despite any localized or regional blackouts.

Encorp Egility integrates application-specific software residing within Encorp’s field-hardened proprietary hardware installed at each of the critical standby and emergency backup assets across your facility. The hardware — which currently controls over 900 MW of critical power generation at hundreds of facilities across the globe — communicates with the EncorpEgility via a shared or dedicated communication network.

Encorp’s Goal is to End Your Downtime

A recent survey by the Information Technology and Intelligence Corporation revealed that while companies can’t typically achieve zero downtime, one out of 10 companies indicated they needed greater than 99.999 percent power availability. The truth is that any power failure at a mission critical facility could dramatically jeopardize all business or vital military operations. Data centers, healthcare facilities and international defense contractors are just a few types of organizations that have turned to Encorp for improved power reliability and resiliency.

Since our inception in 1992, Encorp has played a prominent role in delivering mission critical solutions. We have completed over 400 mission critical projects with industry giants including JP Morgan Chase, Verizon, Qwest, the Miami International Airport and more. And, we like to help you achieve your energy, efficiency and uptime goals. Learn more about our most successful projects now.

“I want to personally express my appreciation for successfully completing the programming and testing of EGB-4. You responded in an exceptional manner to the difficulties in scheduling an outage and correcting existing deficiencies to ensure a better system is in place to meet mission requirements. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the successful completion of the entire P910/987 contract.”

Jason N. Wood, P.E.
Naval Base Kitsap, Public Works Department