Microgrid Project Portfolio
Sampling of Encorp's 400+ projects in the microgrid market:

  • Fort Bragg Army Base
  • Large federal involuntary housing campus
  • TVA
  • El Paso Gas
  • American Electric Power (AEP)
  • Diamond Shamrock
  • Malmstrom Air Force Base

A Microgrid Worth "Bragging" About

Fort Bragg in North Carolina has created one of the world's largest microgrids by integrating a variety of distributed generation technologies that work in conjunction with the facility's utility infrastructure.  The post, which sprawls over 100 square miles, owns its own electric distribution network.  Despite its size, the various generation technologies are fully integrated with the post's distribution network, information technology and communications infrastructure.  As a result, Fort Bragg has enhanced energy reliability and reduced overall energy costs.

To enhance power reliability while reducing costs, Fort Bragg, with guidance from Honeywell, elected to build a microgrid.  A microgrid is a system of multiple power sources of potentially different sizes and technologies that serve aggregated electrical loads on a common energy distribution network.  Fort Bragg has aggregated 15 diesel generators, one 5kW fuel cell and will soon install one 5 MW gas turbine on its microgrid.  Using a full parallel interface that allows seamless power flows, the generators use the post's distribution system to export power to various loads.

Fifteen diesel engines representing more than 8 MW were originally installed as isolated standby systems with open transition switches.  As traditional emergency units, their primary function was to provide electricity only in the event of loss of utility power to the base.  These units were retrofited for load management functions with closed transfer systems and each unit had an intelligent communications gateway installed to monitor and automate maintenance and operations.  This method preserved the OEM engine controls and original transfer switch.  The emergency backup capabilities have not been impaired.

-- Power Engineering, May 2003 (By Josh Meyer, Encorp and Jim Peedin, Honeywell)

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