Encorp is dynamic, stable, efficient, robust and flexible… like a microgrid. Although it has taken the industry awhile to embrace the microgrid concept, Encorp has been Microgridding™ for decades.
Today, Encorp leads the microgrid and distributed energy space with its advanced "Gold Box™" control and power-technology know-how that the company has calibrated for 20 years.

Encorp leverages its New Energy Economy products to aggregate traditional, synchronous generator sets with newer, inverter-based solar, wind, microturbines, fuel cells, photovoltaic and battery-based storage and generation resources for the formulation of a fully-functional microgrid. The result? A reliable onsite energy system that is cleaner, more cost effective, highly efficient, robust and responsive.

Whether operating in island or grid-interconnected mode, Encorp's microgrids will play a prominent role in the New Energy Economy of on-site power generation.