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Mission Critical Project Portfolio
Sampling of Encorp's 400+ projects in the mission critical market:

  • Verizon Data Centers
  • Miami International Airport
  • Bangor Navy Nuclear Sub Base
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Inland Empire, Carbon Canyon
  • Inland Empire, Desalter
  • QualMed, Colorado Springs
  • Qwest (several applications throughout the country)
  • Pueblo Chieftain, Pueblo
  • Cutler-Hammer, Puerto Rico
  • Delta Correction Facility
  • Cañon City Prison
  • IBS 1&2, Sacramento
  • Spring, Orlando
  • Salvation Army
  • Principal Financial
  • Rockford Screw

Hospital Reduces Labor Costs, Ensured Generators Ready for Emergency

If generator problems arise, the Encorp system notifies officials via pager or cell. In addition, the system automatically produces JCAHO-required maintenance reports and swiftly combines real-time data on fuel levels, emissions, oil pressure, exhaust temperature and various power parameters into an easy-to-read report viewable anytime…anywhere on a secure Internet site.


Hospital officials today have greater peace of mind knowing the emergency generators are tested and "ready to go" at a moment's notice. They've realized a significant drop in labor and overtime costs since technicians no longer travel to check generators each day. Hospital officials are so pleased with the results they intend to install Encorp equipment on generators throughout the hospital system.


"The system developed and installed by Encorp is the best on the market. We can start, stop, monitor, look at all engine readings and record all data remotely.  Encorp even included a camera to provide a visual of the engine. Encorp has the only technology available that can interface with any equipment or power monitoring software." 

                -Assistant Facilities Director

                 Top 10 Hospital

Encorp Brings Bank's Standby Power Generator Project On Board, On Time

One of the world's leading financial services companies selected Encorp, Inc., to provide $1.3 million of products and services to ensure the bank's Investment Services data center in the United States always operates on clean, reliable power. Through this 20,000 square foot data center, the bank's Morgan Investment Services unit handles an array of critical financial services throughout the world.

While the facility will become Investment Services' primary data center, Encorp's challenge was to bring the stand-by power generator project on board, on time.

The bank pre-purchased four 1500KW SDMO diesel generators to operate in parallel on a common bus. Two separate UPS systems, each consisting of two 375kVA UPS modules, also operate in parallel on a common bus, with the ability to expand to four modules per system. Each UPS system feeds nine redundant 125kVA static switch power-distribution units. The building housing the data center operates off two separate utility input switchboards provided by Encorp. System distribution switchgear, which Encorp provided, also were required.

Encorp's switchgear parallels four 1500KW SDMO diesel gensets that provide stand-by power to the facility. In addition, Encorp provided Virtual Maintenance Monitor™ (VMM) software, which allows facility operators to remotely monitor, control and troubleshoot the gensets.

Encorp Equipment Installed:


Encorp selected for California Health & Human Services Data Center Project

Encorp installed paralleling switchgear on upgraded gensets at the 170,000-square-foot data center for California's Health and Human Services Agency. The company's technology helps ensure the data center operates on clean, reliable power 24 hours a day, even when brownouts or blackouts plague nearby areas in Sacramento.

Encorp worked with Capital Power Products of California on the project. Just 43 days after receiving the first order, Encorp shipped its paralleling switchgear to the site, which was put in place to control and operate the data center's three 1250 kW diesel gensets manufactured by Spectrum.

Encorp's paralleling switchgear features the company's Generator Power Controlä, more commonly referred to as the "Gold Box™," which integrates the functionality of several discrete electrical components into a single solid state assembly.

The three gensets are designed to provide back-up power to the Sacramento-based data center, which provides cost-effective, large scale computer processing and telecommunications services to 15 departments in the California Health and Human Services Agency.

Clean, reliable power is critical to the operations of this busy center: Each 24-hour period the data center's computers handle approximately 8.5 million on-line customer transactions and the data center is linked to more than 2,000 state and county offices that use an estimated 100,000 terminals and personal computers. In addition, the center is interconnected to all 58 county government networks in California and all state data centers.

Encorp Equipment Installed: