Demand Response Project Portfolio
Sampling of Encorp's 400+ projects in the demand response market:

  • Semi Tropic - Merced, CA
  • Oceanside, CA
  • Mattabassett, CT
  • Zygo Optics, CT
  • East Lyme HS, CT
  • Northeast Foods, CT
  • Dove Canyon, CA
  • Cielo, CA
  • Biosite - San Diego CA
  • Aquila - Florence, CO

Encorp Ensures Sweet Solution for Maui Pineapple Company, Ltd.

Maui Pineapple Company officials learned the company's power control system, which produces 6 megawatts of power wasn't up-to-date and could go sour in just six months. "A shutdown would have crippled our production and closed Maui's largest shopping mall, which receives its electricity from us," said Wayne Sakamoto, head of the company's power plant. "So we called several companies to help. The only one with the expertise we were looking for was Encorp."

According to Dave Bishop, Encorp's application engineering manager, Maui Pineapple Company's four Wartsila gensets hadn't been updated for nearly 10 years, even though the power demands of nearby Kaahumanu Shopping Center had grown substantially.

In just a few months and without interruption to the company's day-to-day operations, the Encorp team replaced 60 percent of the old equipment with one Encorp Utility Power Control™, four Encorp Generator Power Controls™ -- also known as the Gold Box™ -- and Encorp's Virtual Maintenance Monitor™ monitoring and alarming software. In addition, the team installed four new voltage regulators, electronic governors and actuators, new engine sequencing and monitoring controls and five screens that display all operating parameters of the upgraded system.

Today, Encorp's monitoring software instantaneously alerts power-plant employees and provides information on any one of 700 potential problems. "The Encorp equipment has paid for itself," Sakamoto said. "Our four generators now run as one, which makes the system much more efficient."

Encorp Equipment Installed:

Encorp Automatic Transfer Switch Ensures Reliable Power and Cost Savings for Food Distributor

NOBEL/SYSCO, the Rocky Mountain region's largest food service distributor, wanted to ensure production of its 17,000 items - from frozen foods to gourmet items - continued round-the-clock at its 430,000 square foot facility in Denver. Even a brief power outage would have a resounding impact on the 24-hour operation -- orders might not be filled for the 7,000+ restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals and other firms this $350 million company serves.

NOBEL/SYSCO needed a safety net to ensure power reliability, so the company installed two Cummins/Onan generator sets: a 750kW DFHA and a 1500kw DFLE to provide back-up power in the event of a power outage. However, after talking to representatives at Xcel Energy, the local utility, NOBEL/SYSCO learned about the substantial cost savings possible through the utility's curtailable-rate program.

This innovative program allows Xcel Energy to periodically ask NOBEL/SYSCO to turn on its back-up generators and use power only from the generators - not the utility - during times of peak energy use. The program is a win-win for NOBEL/SYSCO and Xcel: NOBEL/SYSCO can reduce its utility bill thousands of dollars each month (up to a 12 percent reduction each month) and Xcel can ensure it has an additional 2 MW of electricity available to serve customers during peak times.

To participate in the curtailable-rate program, however, NOBEL/SYSCO needed additional equipment to ensure a seamless transition from utility power to generator power. The company contracted with Encorp to supply two Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS 4000), which instantaneously transfer NOBEL/SYSCO's facility loads of 1,200 and 2,500 amps to the generators, and two Encorp Utility Power Controls™, which provide safe, reliable transfer of power between each generator and the utility grid. The Encorp equipment also ensures seamless transitions of power when it's time for NOBEL/SYSCO to return to utility power.

The technology neutral Encorp equipment easily interfaces with an Andover Control system already in place at NOBEL/SYSCO. The Andover Control system is a complete building-automation system that monitors security, lighting and other electrical services on site.

Encorp Teams with Kmart

To reduce overall energy costs at the Kmart store in Linden, New Jersey, Kmart officials asked Encorp and Elektryon engineers to install a peak-shave and standby-power system. The site includes three Elektryon 100kw natural-gas POWR/MASTR's that each incorporate Encorp's Automatic Parallel Switch™. In addition, to parallel with the utility, the site includes a Cutler-Hammer Softload ATS that features an Encorp Utility Power Control™.

Kmart's system operates in standby mode throughout most of the year, but during hot summer months, when peak loads are highest, the site operates in parallel with the utility. Using Encorp's capacity management software, the APS on each genset automatically starts the generators each weekday morning and then shuts them off at night. In addition, technicians use Encorp's Virtual Maintenance Monitor™ software to remotely monitor and troubleshoot the three gensets from an off-site dispatch center.

Encorp Equipment Installed: