Automatic Paralleling Switch™
The Automatic Paralleling Switch™ allows a single generator to peak shave or export-to-utility only when the utility is available.

Technical Data Sheet (APS400-600)

Technical Data Sheet (APS1600-2000)

< Features
  • 100A – 5000A Configurations
  • UL-891 (above 600A), UL-508A Listed Devices
  • Direct Engine Control & Monitoring
  • Integrated Load Shedding Capability
  • Integrated Multi-function Gold Box™
  • Load/No Load Test
  • Peak Shaving Applications
  • Export-to-utility Applications
  • Automatically cycles the engine through the start, warm-up, load, unload, cool-down and stop sequence
  • Constantly monitors the engine and sends alarms via pager and email – automatically shuts down the engine if necessary
  • Complete set of protective relays
  • Automatically synchronizes with the utility
  • Supports Modbus®, LONWORKS®, and IEC 1131 PLC protocols

Gold Box™ Features
  • Embedded software provides kW and VAR load-sharing, VAR and power factor control, base-load control, kW load-sharing and power transfer control with soft loading and unloading, a true RMS real power sensor, protective relays, harmonics meter and PLC logic – all in one box!
  • Remote access and control using Virtual Maintenance Monitor™ and Microgrid Secure™ software

Description of Operation
The Automatic Paralleling Switch™ with one-breaker scheme allows a single generator to peak shave or export-to-utility only when the utility is available. The generator can synchronize to the power source in a continuous parallel mode, supplementing utility power to perform peak shaving or power exporting.

System Start Options

The Automatic Paralleling Switch™ may be started in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the facility and the specific application. The ability to start and parallel a generator to the utility for the purpose of peak shaving is most effective when initiated during periods of high utility demand.

kW Demand Level
As demand for power within a facility increases, the price charged by the utility also increases. Typically, the ‘peak’ demand at a facility lasts for only short periods of time yet the utility charges annual rates based on this peak which is often 10 to 20 times the non-peak rate. Using a kW demand level start option, the Automatic Paralleling Switch™ will monitor the utility and automatically start the generator and switch to continuous parallel mode whenever necessary to avoid excessive utility charges.

Auto-Schedule (time-based)
There may be certain times of the day or week when utility charges are prohibitive. In these cases, the Automatic Paralleling Switch™ may be programmed to parallel the generator to the utility to avoid high rates or simply to exercise the generator.

There are many reasons why a remote start option might be advantageous. Perhaps a utility gives its customers incentives to participate in an interruptible rate or power exporting program. In this case, the utility uses the remote start capabilities of the Automatic Paralleling Switch™ to power the facility from its own generator and then curtail utility delivered power to the facility. The utility increases its own supply, and the customer experiences a ‘blip-less’ transfer to its own generator while receiving a favorable utility rate.

Local Operator Interface
If it ever becomes necessary to start and parallel facility loads to the generator manually, the Automatic Paralleling Switch™ provides an easy to use local operator interface. Touch-screen controls make the process of starting and stopping the generator easy. System tests may be accomplished in load and no load options.


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