Company Profile
We strive to exceed expectations.

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What We Do
Encorp develops, markets and delivers integrated hardware and software solutions  for our distributed energy customers. 

Company Overview
Encorp is among the world's leading providers of network technology and infrastructure management solutions for the distributed energy market. The company’s power technology products and services include energy automation software and grid-interconnection equipment.  Our products, combined with our professional services, create dependable, on-site power solutions that can reduce the overall cost of energy for commercial and industrial customers operating in the digital economy.

Encorp's technology-neutral solutions simplify and automate the control of a wide variety of distributed power resources, such as engine-generator sets, microturbines, fuel cells, combined heat and power (CHP or cogeneration), and energy storage devices. These power resources have become critical components in the operation of any enterprise that demands high-quality, reliable power at reasonable and predictable costs.