Virtual Maintenance Monitor™
The Virtual Maintenance Monitor™ (VMM) provides the user with site-specific generator metering, monitoring and control.

Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

The VMM allows access to detailed information, including energy demand metering, harmonics, alarm logging, and engine and generator information for onsite personnel. The VMM also allows for communication via modem or LAN to dispatch, control and monitor remote generation sites.

  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • “Drill-down” capability providing detailed information including energy demand metering, engine and generator parameters, harmonics, alarm log, system status and more
  • Automatic engine/generator load test capability
  • Manual engine start/stop and load/unload functions
  • Automatic alarm notification
  • Event logging and trending
  • Remote access
  • Monitor and control gensets from a central location
  • Diagnose potential problems before dispatching service personnel
  • Monitor fuel levels, oil pressure, air temp, etc. from remote or onsite PC
  • Monitor harmonics for power quality
  • Keep track of each genset’s scheduled maintenance and receive timely notification via email and/or pager
  • Alarming and paging features are user-definable
  • The VMM will communicate individually with multiple generation sites for energy management purposes

  • Windows® 95/NT compatible
  • Unacknowledged alarms are sent to technician via alphanumeric pager and/or email (includes time/date stamp, alarm type, site location and specific generator information)
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable to meet specific user requirements
  • User-definable security levels
  • Dial-up via modem or connect directly through a LAN
  • Each site has its own distinct site overview screen uploaded directly from the generator location
  • Event data for historical data retrieval, tracking and trending
  • Allows for individual selection of parameters to be logged and the intervals in which data is stored
  • Graphical trending provides the user with select and trend parameters for analysis purposes

Encorp Local Communication Hardware and Software Operation
The Encorp Communication Processor Module may be used to access information from Encorp's Automatic Paralleling Switch™ and control systems. Phone lines or Ethernet connections may be made to the CPM for remote communications through TCP/IP. With the optional Alarm Notify Server, the CPM will call or page dispatch maintenance headquarters to notify that an event has occurred at the generator site. These alarms may be initiated by abnormal engine and generator levels or by normally scheduled maintenance requirement levels set by the manufacturer for automated preventative maintenance programs.

Remote Communications Software Operation
The VMM software allows a single user to monitor and control multiple distributed generation (DG) sites from a single location. Any engine or generator parameters (volts, current, power factor, kW, kWhr, VARS, harmonics, etc.) being sensed in the Automatic Paralleling Switch™ may be viewed and controlled with this software. In the event of alarms, the CPM located at the DG site will notify the remote computer running the VMM software. If an operator does not acknowledge this alarm event from the VMM location, the CPM Alarm Notify Server will send an alphanumeric page or email. This page or email information includes the site, the event and a time/date stamp. A monthly pager service is required for the paging function, or a TCP/IP connection to the facility network is required for the emailing feature. This automation helps create a maintenance and operations hub for DG resources.

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