Encorp's technology-neutral generator controls and digital switchgear allow for efficient and smart communication with any distributed generation asset.
Family of Controls
Encorp's power control platform is available in 3 primary configurations. The Gold Box™ for single or multiple generators, the Utility Power Control™ for utility interconnect control, and the Meter Monitor Control™ for metering and monitoring applications.
Gold Box™
Meter Monitor Control™
Microgrid System Controller™

Automatic Paralleling Switch™
The Automatic Paralleling Switch™ allows a single generator to peak shave or export-to-utility only when the utility is available. The generator can synchronize to the power source in a continuous parallel mode, supplementing utility power to peak shave or power export.
APS 400
APS 600

APS 1600
APS 2000

Grid Interconnection System™
Encorp Grid Interconnection System™ is designed to be used as a peak-shaving control system allowing the generator to operate only when the utility is available. Encorp switchgear includes an integrated control, display and circuit breaker panel.
Low Voltage
Medium Voltage