White Papers
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Microgrid and Virtual Power Plant
Grid Reliability & Power Quality Solutions for the Digital Economy with the Microgrid Secure™ (Encorp, 2000)
Plugging Into Hidden Capacity & Networking Distributed Generation with the Microgrid Secure™ (Encorp, 2000)
The Microgrid Secure™(Standard & Poor's Utilities & Perspectives, Nov 1998)

Grid interconnection
Full Interconnection of Customer Owned Standby Generators:Cost/Benefit Analysis (Encorp, 2002)
Distributed Generation Interconnection Issues Summit (Transcript of opening remarks, Scott Castelaz)
The Need for Grid Interconnection Standards and Equipment Certifications (Encorp)

Distributed Energy
Getting the Signals Right: Should Regulators Care About Inefficiencies? (Public Utilities Fortnightly, 2004)
Reliability and Distributed Generation (A.D. Little, 2000)
Distributed Generation: Understanding the Economics (A.D. Little, 1999)
Distributed Generation: System Interfaces (A.D. Little, 1999)
Distributed Generation: Policy Framework for Regulators (A.D. Little, 1999)

Demand Response
Peak Sharing Program Implementation (Encorp, 1995, condensed)
Attack Peaking Problems Now (Encorp, Nov 1998)
"Peak Sharing" - A Win-Win Solution to Reliably and Cost-Effectively Reduce System Peak Demands (Encorp, 1995)