About Us
Encorp develops, markets and delivers integrated hardware and software systems for our distributed energy customers.

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As the vanguard of distributed energy control, Encorp leverages the power of its advanced Gold Box™ to harness diverse forms of generation in today's New Energy Economy.

Our energy-tech offerings and grid interconnection expertise advance energy savings, security and efficiency for federal, institutional and commercial installations. Our technologies transform the electric grid into a system that is cleaner, more cost effective, efficient, flexible, reliable, resilient and responsive.

Encorp's elegant software and hardware seamlessly integrate a variety of distributed power resources, such as engine-generator sets, microturbines, fuel cells, combined heat and power (CHP or cogeneration), and energy storage devices. These power resources are critical in the operation of any enterprise that demands high-quality, reliable power at reasonable and predictable costs.

We've been linking disparate energy sites for 20 years. We lead the distributed energy space with our advanced control and power systems. In fact, we were MicrogriddingTM before "microgrid."