Company Profile

Getting the most from today’s electric grid is not just about meeting challenges, its about seizing opportunities. For twenty-five years of our company affiliate history, this philosophy has been the driver for continued advancement of our technologies, and has kept more than 300 clients at the forefront of their industries.

Step into our headquarters in Fort Collins, CO and you’ll find a small, but mighty team of engineers focused on growing our company and yours alongside the ever-expanding new energy economy. While some of our competitors focus only on the ‘big guys’, we thrive on giving companies of all shapes and sizes the ability to choose their own power. Our technology, combined with our professional services, create dependable, on-site power solutions that supply high-quality, reliable power at reasonable and predictable costs while benefiting the environment in positive ways.

Our solutions include advanced energy control systems and grid-interconnection equipment to develop microgrids and combined heat and power solutions and enable demand response and mission critical power capabilities. We are energy asset-neutral company with extensive experience bringing together the most reputable energy providers, renewable energy resources and energy consumers in the world.

Whether you’re a top healthcare provider, one of the world’s leading financial services companies, an international defense contractor, a busy manufacturer, or a growing small business, we understand your need for reliable power at an affordable price that makes a positive impact on our planet. Bottom line: Encorp can provide you with the aggregation and grid interconnection of distributed power resources that you need to stay ahead of the game.