CHP/Biomass Project Portfolio
Sampling of Encorp's 400+ projects in the CHP and biomass markets:

  • IOLA & MCC Campus (Siemens)
  • City of Chicago
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Ridgewood, Land Fill Peaker
  • Hunter Industries, Peaker Plant
  • Bear Valley Power Plant
  • Vallejo Waste Water Peaker
  • Redland Landfill Peaker
  • Big Bear Waste Water
  • Watkins Manufacturing
  • Altamont Landfill
  • Bradley Landfill
  • Real Energy 595 Market
  • TXU Catholic Hospital
  • El Paso Natural Gas, Boustamante
  • El Paso Natural Gas, Levitron
  • El Paso Natural Gas, America's
  • El Paso Natural Gas, Eurica
  • Real Energy Park 80 West
  • Siemens Monroe Community College

With Encorp, No Energy Emergency for Chicago's Police Department

When it comes to summer peak capacity and power reliability, the City of Chicago's Police Department won't have to dial 911, thanks to the installation of an emergency power system featuring Encorp's on-site distributed generation equipment.

Now complete, the installation allows the police department's backup emergency generators, each producing nearly one megawatt of power, to be remotely dispatched, monitored and controlled. This means that if Chicago power shortages are eminent, the police department easily can switch from utility-supplied to on-site generated power. The advantages - no downtime, no 911 glitches and no additional costs for expensive peak-time electricity.

Encorp worked with project contractor Siemens Building Technology Inc. to retrofit six critical emergency backup generators-four at police stations and two at senior citizen cooling centers. Commonwealth Edison spearheaded the effort to contract for negotiable interruptible power. In addition, generators retrofitted with Encorp equipment can run independent of the ComEd power grid, thus ensuring the police department's critical equipment, such as telephones and computers, are supplied electrical power even during a power outage.

Encorp engineers have designed an integrated control system comprised of Encorp's Utility Power Control™, Gold Box™ and Communications Processing Module. The integrated solution allows for complete remote start/stop, power-quality monitoring, energy/electrical metering, data logging and automated troubleshooting of multiple Encorp-equipped generators. It also allows communication directly with a central operations center for real-time control and data transfer.

Encorp Equipment Installed:

Encorp Helps Ease California's Stressed Utility Industry

With California's 2001 summertime energy crisis looming, NEO Corp., an independent power producer and subsidiary of NRG Energy, Inc., decided to build two distributed-generation systems (power plants) that produce nearly 100 megawatts of electricity to help meet the Golden State's overwhelming power needs - without adding expensive transmission systems.

In an astonishing five months, the project team of NEO, Encorp and Stewart & Stevenson Distributed Energy Solutions brought online the Chowchilla II plant in central California. The 81,000-square-foot plant, which can be used as a peaking, intermediate or baseload facility, features 16 Deutz natural gas reciprocating engines. Together the engines generate a total of 49 MW, enough power to meet the energy needs of 50,000 homes.

Less than two months later, NEO's 74,000-square-foot Red Bluff plant in northern California commissioned and placed into operation its 16 Wartsila natural gas reciprocating generators and began providing up to 45 MW of electricity into the California grid as needed. Red Bluff's 16 generators are aggregated with Chow II's 16 generators hundreds of miles away, making nearly 100 MW of electricity available for capacity and energy transactions.

Encorp Equipment Installed:

Encorp Ensures Reliable Power for Defense Contractor

A leading defense contractor, wanting reliable, yet cost-effective power when building its renowned and intricate military machines, has selected Encorp and a team of energy technology companies to help ensure the power remains constant at its immense California manufacturing plant.

Due for completion in 2003, the new 1.35 megawatt combined-heat-and-power system will supplement - not replace - electricity provided by the local utility. In essence, the defense contractor will reduce its energy demand from the utility by 1.35 MW, which will reduce its energy costs - both electrical and thermal - by the use of on-site cogeneration.

In addition to generating electricity when needed, the new co-generation system will use excess engine heat to supplement thermal and air conditioning loads in the facility.

Powered by a 1.35MW Waukesha engine supplied by Stewart & Stevenson Distributed Energy Solutions, the system at the California manufacturing plant features Encorp's Grid Interconnection System™, Encorp's state-of-the-art Gold Box™ and Utility Power Control™ for local and remote connectivity.

Encorp Equipment Installed:

Encorp Provides $1.5 Million of Products and Services for Iowa Towns

Three Iowa towns - wanting to generate their own power during peak-demand times -- installed 29 backup-generator systems that feature $1.5 million of Encorp products and services.

The Encorp equipment helps ensure customers in Middle Amana, Mount Pleasant and Wilton, Iowa, experience no interruption in electrical service when power is switched from the main utility grid to the local generators during peak times, such as hot summer months, frigid winter weather or other unexpected emergencies.

Altorfer Power Systems of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which managed the project, selected Encorp products and installed the equipment on a total of 29 two-megawatt Caterpillar gensets.

Encorp paralleling switchgear controls and interconnects on-site electrical generators, located at commercial and industrial facilities, with the electrical grid. The projects also feature Encorp's Gold Box™, which combines traditional control modules, protective relays and network communications capabilities into a single, microprocessor-based device.

Altorfer also used Encorp's Virtual Maintenance Monitor™ software that creates a simple, user-friendly interface for local and remote monitoring and control capabilities.

Encorp Equipment Installed:

Enormous Aquarium Reduces Energy Costs with Encorp

It's no fish tale. A 156,000-square-foot aquarium in California expects to save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually with a new combined-heat-and-power system equipped in part by Encorp.

The 1,200-square-foot on-site power plant, which began operating in January 2003 features two 675kW Deutz natural-gas engines that allow the aquarium to produce about 90 percent of its own power. Just a year ago, the aquarium had only one small diesel generator that supplemented utility power.

The new system allows the aquarium to produce its own, cleaner energy and reduce the amount of power bought from the local utility. Through a contract with project developer City Light & Power, the aquarium will periodically supplement its own on-site power with less-expensive energy purchased directly from City Light & Power.

For the aquarium project, Encorp provided its Grid Interconnection System™ that features Encorp's state-of-the-art Gold Box™ and Utility Power Control™ for local and remote connectivity.

Encorp's equipment ensures the aquarium seamlessly parallels with City Light & Power when off-site electricity is needed.

The aquarium's combined-heat-and-power system is more efficient than conventional on-site power systems. In addition to generating electricity when needed, the system turns excess engine heat -- often considered an unusable byproduct of an on-site power system -- into a tool that helps cool exhibit water and support other functions of the 50 aquarium exhibits that house more than 12,000 ocean animals.

Encorp Equipment Installed: